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End the Frustration of Low Performance


Deliverables - Quantum Leader Growth Program™, QlgP

Our highly innovative Quantum Leader Growth Program, QlgP is aimed at developing your corporation’s most important resource; your human capital.

We work with you as an outside change agent to teach your people to put into practice the most recent and powerful discoveries about how we learn and connect with people, about the human brain and neurophysiology, and about quantum physics and the creative power that each person can tap into to put your company well ahead of any competition.

The Benefits and values are clear:

  • Faster more innovative creations of new products, systems or services.
  • Self managed work groups.
  • A guaranteed reduction in turnover and increase in job performance.
  • An exponential decrease in the cost of hiring talent. Less cost in training. 
  • The ability to position the right team players at the top and throughout the company that will allow your company to reach its true potential. 
  • A huge advantage in creating more sales and increasing productivity. 
  • Less conflict in the work place
  • A better understanding of concepts trends products and sales strategies in your industry.
  • Accountability. Limitless growth.
  • Clear identification of the source and cause of your major problems and a solution to solve them.
  • Happy well rounded less stressed employees and managers.

Quantum Leader Growth Program, QlgP System Components

Our clients have asked and we have listened. After an exhaustive one year interview process we identified the major components that not only our clients needed but what they wanted. Through this process we also identified some key features that must be present. Our clients have told us that the 2 main failures in their experience with consulting companies are: Application and tying the pieces of the training together. This is our key difference. Through our QlgP model we are able to ensure that what is learned is applied and measurable in the work environment. Additionally, our team of facilitators not only work with you in the design application to make every element relevant to your industry needs but they painstaking link each component and it's relevance to the other components. It works!

Component 1 - Exploratory Interview and initial Needs Assessment

Free Exploratory Interview with organization’s CEO or other leader, to make sure there is a fit. (Worth $10,000) Creating a relationship with a new client is a highly confidential and selective process.

We begin with a mini-assessment— a highly confidential exploratory interview with a CEO or other leader to get to know the company.  Every potential client must commit to spend a day putting all assumptions aside and digging deep, both objectively and personally:  What is working, what’s not at your company?  If you fix those problems, how much money do you stand to gain?  (And if you don’t fix them, how much will you lose?)  What are your upsides and downsides as the leader of this company?  Ultimately, how could you do more of what you enjoy, less of what you don’t, and run a more successful, more profitable company?

Our strategy is simple: assess, train, and develop— start, learn, follow up.  But it is not cookie-cutter; we analyze what is right and wrong for you, and then proceed according to those needs.  We also discuss our concerns about whether a consulting relationship will really work for both parties. Most importantly, the CEO must be willing and able to truly commit to taking the company through this intensive assessment, training, and development process. The leader(s) and OWLS will have a no charge (Free) day of face-to-face meetings in Bozeman, Montana or at your facility with travel expenses invoiced. If the leader(s) and OWLS can reach agreement on the scope of work to be done and the cost, a contract will be entered into.

Component 2 – Comprehensive Organizational Assessment

Problems are like icebergs— from his perspective at the helm of the ship, a CEO may believe he can see 100% of any trouble ahead.  But typically, about 90% of an iceberg is concealed underwater.  One person’s perspective alone cannot detect problems that lie below the surface, and the business could be heading for disaster!  The organizational assessment allows us to understand the critical issues throughout the company, rather than continuing a navigation course based on “gut” instinct.

To create a more complete picture of the business, we begin with a company meeting of the company’s managers, as well as key finance and administrative staff.  Everyone in the room has the opportunity to provide confidential and anonymous feedback about their experiences with the company.  We survey individual behavior, attitudes, team strengths and weaknesses, job descriptions, and much more.  And we commit to sharing the results with everyone who contributes to the assessment.

After gathering all of this data, we carefully analyze it and then present it at a subsequent meeting.  Before the group presentation, we sit down with the CEO and share directly what people think about working at the company— the whole picture.  At the meeting, we present an agreed-upon plan to fix the problems identified in the assessment, and move the company forward

Component 3 - Behavioral Assessments and Workshop

We call this Behaviors in Action.™ In this session we take the behavioral information from the organizational assessment and clearly validate all the behaviors in a workshop setting.  Individuals learn through a series of activities how to understand behaviors, how they are wired and how their coworkers are wired.  They learn strategies on effective communication with all types of people.  On day two we set up a series of complex initiative and activities and allow everyone to see how these Behaviors in Action.™ effect the company and the teams. Participants learn how to overcome obstacles together in spite of their behavior. This program builds effective communication strategies and team cohesiveness.

Component 4 – Quantum Goal Setting™ Utilizing Neural Reconditioning Workshops

This 2 day session utilizes advanced goal setting techniques and neural reconditioning to show you and your people how to make a quantum leap forward in achieving extraordinary personal and business goals.  This program integrates the core principles of John Assaraf’s Mindset for Success masterminding the quantum field’s law of attraction while placing a clear focus on visualizations and affirmations into the goal setting process.

Component 5 - Lencioni’s 5 stage pyramid

This 2 day session integrates the understanding of Lencioni’s 5 stage pyramid scheme in developing effective team leaders:Building trust by reducing fears of vulnerability

  • Teaching people to mine and manage conflict.
  • Gaining commitment, by forcing clarity and closure.
  • Improving accountability and people’s abilities to confront difficult issues.
  • Focus on results and collective outcomes.
Component 6 - Building the best internal and external customer service strategies

This 2 day session shows you and your team what is necessary in building an extraordinary customer experience through innovative interactive customer service workshops.  You will build on your understanding of behaviors and learn how to connect and get agreement with both your external and internal customers.  Conflicts in work will be seen as opportunities.  Stress will disappear.  Workshop interactions are digitally recorded and used in the training.  This program will increase sales and give you the tools to identify new opportunities and innovations that your clients want.

Component 7 - The Professional Coach

Through this 2 day series you and your team will learn the strategies on managing and motivating each other to produce results.  Learn how to get agreement.  Learn how to utilize everyone’s strengths and balance the work load.  This interactive workshop also offers several one-on-one sessions with each participant guiding them on how to complete the most critical and essential things that need to be done in their work space and teaching them how to do this with others on their team.


  • Regular facilitator communications by phone and email to enforce accountability, track and measure results
  • Regular facilitator face to face meetings with senior executives and management personnel to reinforce behavior and organizational models
Component 8 - Presenting with Impact

This two day session essentially reduces the amount of time your people waste in making presentations by 80%.  Not only does this session show you how to reduce time wasted but participants who learn these powerful impact presentation strategies will then be able to present information internally and externally with a staggering 80% retention rate versus the current 7% retention rate If your company only gives 10 presentations per week and 40% of those are poorly executed, a survey shows that it could cost you as much as $450,000/year in wasted person-hours.* *(Power Point Survey, Dave Paradi, 2003,

Read The Report Here

The most common type of meetings held in organizations is “information-sharing” presentations using Power Point. Ironically, they are also the least efficient, and valuable employee time is wasted in often confusing, misdirected, mind-numbing, and data-dumping presentations.

Time is wasted not only in the meetings, but there is a correlation to what happens (or not) afterwards. There is a chain reaction that can lead to a significant loss of person-hours since employees are inadequately equipped with accurate and clear information. And most organizations do not realize the predictable impact on their bottom line.

Component 9 - Emotional Intelligence (EI)

In this 2 day highly interactive workshop participants learn how to understand, motivate, and develop themselves and others to result in improved work performance and enhanced organizational effectiveness.

By utilizing state of the art SI (Social Intelligence) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) concepts and the powerful presenting with impact workshop we give you the tools that allow you communicate within your company and with your buyers so much more effectively. The advantages are creating more sales and increasing productivity while reducing conflict in the work place. Learn More - Wikipedia

Component 10 - Self Managed Work Groups, Communications, and Masterminding

Essential to any company in today's global and information marketplace are the abilities to communicate effectively and share ideas. The concepts of self managed workgroups and teams will be covered in this 4 day program. Essential techniques and strategies on creating internal blogs, harnessing the internet's social networking spaces for developing outside relationships with potential buyers. Participants will also discover the power of masterminding and will begin the process of developing strategies for solving their toughest current problems by using this powerful "Think Tank" process.